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Interior curation is about creating curated and intentional spaces that go beyond simple decoration. It involves a deeper consideration of the synergy between different elements, aiming to evoke a particular atmosphere or tell a story through the design choices made within the space.

The curation process involves meeting with clients to get to know them, their project and the spaces they would like curated.  After the spaces are measured and the client brief is agreed, the design process begins. Design starts at a high level with creation of overall colour and texture palettes (ie. mood boards) to inform the detailed selections. Design ends with the creation of detailed artifacts including furnishing schedules, design guides and floorplans to show arrangement for each of the spaces. 

At each stage of the curation process, the client is involved and invited to give feedback.


Brady has grown a network of trusted trade partners and wholesalers, along with personal relationships created with local artisans and vintage suppliers to source unique and in some cases designer-only furnishings and homewares. Sourcing from this network ensures quality in products, stock certainty, cost competitiveness and that ultimately the project come together in a timely manner.

All schedules, pricing and lead times quoted during curation or styling projects are based on sourcing from Brady's supplier network. 


Brady provides styling services for clients on an ad-hoc basis.  This service is included as part of the overall curation process as the final stage, but can also be performed for those that would like professional help arranging their existing furnishings and homewares in their space(s). 

For clients that have not proceeded with curation, an initial meeting to understand the concept and desired outcomes is needed along with measurements of the spaces and an inventory of existing furnishings. Brady will work with what you have and where he feels necessary, will indicate if additional items could be added to further enhance the space. 

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